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Audit Services in Dubai
Audit and assurance services serve as the watch-guard for any organization, thus helping the companies to foresee their different business lines and working segments. We at SA Consultants provide insight and deeper penetration into your businesses so that you can excel in your markets with complete background and future aspirations. Trust is what we tend to build for our customers. While financial auditing them, we assist the organization in meeting their statutory and legal obligations and assure that they adopt a secure and risk-based approach to meet the demands outlined in regulations and operating standards.

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Government authorities, various Ministerial Departments, Insurance Authorities, may seek companies to submit their audited financial statements, and companies need to comply with these requirements as and when required. For being in commercial, industrial law, an audit is necessary for all companies. In UAE, companies must carry annual statutory audit from a licensed auditor.

In UAE, every company is required to carry out the annual statutory audit from a licensed auditor. The licensed auditor is only that the finance ministry is registered with.

SA Consultants act as licensed auditors as it is registered with the Ministry of Economy. We are a most authorized company whose finance audit reports are entirely acceptable all over the UAE. We have a team of professional staff who prepare the most professional audit, providing truthful and fair, relatively accurate and up-to-date financial information to the public. We provide a complete statutory audit examining all critical information such as bookkeeping, record maintenance, matched bank balances, and audited financial transactions.

Internal Audit SA Perspectives

It is conducted to determine the profit the company is making for a period and whether the company is in a position to pay a lucrative interim dividend, as interim dividend adds value to the business by attracting some solid investors and key stakeholders. We have an automated system to identify early detection of fraud and leakages, improving the overall employee efficiency resulting in the confidence-building of investors.

SA Liquidation Services

Company liquidation is a process when companies met their sunset. When a company is bankrupted, it has no money to pay its debt; operations are about to seize, then the organization assets are credited to creditors and shareholders, as per the priority of claims. The liquidator is scheduled by the court or the shareholders of the company. The liquidation of a company is not so easy as it looks like. It requires expert-level skills as some very complex and time-consuming processes are unfolded and concluded for good. At SAN Consultants, we provide dedicated services to each of our clients according to the type of liquidation.

Quality Audit Service Assurance


International Clients

SA Consultants have extensive experience of working with all the major local and international clients.


Business Effectiveness

We understand that with ever-changing organization’s needs, enterprises have to redesign itself in a way that the core business processes remain effective and efficient.


Cost Reducing & Service Quality

At the same time focus on cost-reducing opportunities; therefore, though we work locally, we have a worldwide network of experts and professionals who can monitor and evaluate international progressions to benefit respective clients by providing the top competitive services to them.

Quality Audit Service Assurance


SA consultants are renowned for offering audit services and ensure the best assistance in managing and auditing your company’s financial accounts to achieve the best future goals. Primary audit services provided by us includes Financial statements analysis, Bank statement Reconciliation, Financial reporting and budgeting, Ratio Analysis and MIS reports, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash flow statement analysis.

In Free Zones, Certain UAE companies necessarily get their accounts audited. However, it is recommended by banks and third party creditors to evaluate the entity’s financial health but not necessary to carry out this audit. We have expert Chartered Accountants that perform Statutory Audit and ensure audited all finance statements are okay and valid from any misleading information.

Time duration of the audit varies from company to company depending on company scope, availability of financial records, and response rate of management with auditors. Usually takes 2-4 weeks to prepare an audit report.

Auditors independently examine financial statements to ensure accuracy of financial data and monitor system to prevent fraudulent activity. We Perform Due-Diligence and review financial records and accounting entries to reassure the healthy functioning of the business transparently to safeguard potential investors and stakeholders’ interest and provide them with the confidence to further invest in the company. Our experts Qualified auditors to check meticulously that the company follows regulatory policies, rules and standards guidelines to carry out their business.

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Proven services from SA Consultants
Proven services from SA Consultants
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