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SA Consultant Services, Inc. provides compliance consulting services, including registered investment advisory, registration of firms, customized written policies and procedures, and filings. Sa Consultants always work with investment advisers and broker dealing both. We have built a dedicated platform that could configure as per the enterprise needs. Most importantly, we provide international support with all top preferred foreign languages.

SA Consultants proudly offer extensively experienced staff for providing all segments of services for our clients. As we tend to cater to global client’s coming from different backgrounds, working under other compliance structures; our clients can choose from our vast list of services such as the establishment of compliance framework, transition, and implementation of the framework within business units, setting up a compliance framework monitoring system, etc.

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No two business lines are the same, nor their future aspirations, so different approaches are to be adopted for every issue, and customized solutions are to be suggested so that similar risks are responded to in a way that individual responses addressees the concern. We have the best minds collaborating for the common cause of enhancing the organization’s outlook. Our systematic approach backed with a transparent assessment system fits best to your business needs. We have an in-house developed machine learning system that provides a risk-based data source uncovering meaningful insights to the future and a structured approach to solve the current issues in focus.

We offer the best-automated systems and well-defined processes, enabling the talented workforce of an organization to concentrate on complex tasks while leaving the routine tasks to auto-defined plan, thus achieving smarter, practical, and efficient audit outcomes. It doesn’t matter what business lines you are working in or what you tend to deliver as services, or from which geography you prefer to work; the most critical concern for us is to focus on the most crucial segment of your business.

A forensic audit evaluates the firm’s financial records to support the legal framework and present evidence in the Court of Law. SA Consultants offer forensic Audits with expert knowledge and specialized accounting and auditing procedures and act as an expert witnesses during legal proceedings while executing investigations with the motive to uncover illegal criminal activities, including financial crimes, fraud, embezzlement, and disputes of bankruptcy and business closure.

The Board of Trustees comprises internal and external Trustees who are either appointed or elected groups of key individuals who are fiduciary responsible for taking best management decisions that are in the line of stakeholder’s interest. SA consultants facilitate and guide governing bodies of an organization in making the right choices that safeguard the interest of the company and stakeholders.

Commonly the terms Board of Trustees and Board of Directors are Interchangeable but widely used in private organizations. The Framework of Board of Trustees comprises 3 to 30 specialized individuals responsible for holding and protecting in-trust assets and property that belongs to others. University endowments and mutual saving banks are widely used examples.


SA Consultant has a strong focus on delivering value-added and quantifiable results to its clients.

We’ve a strong foothold as we work with both private & public sectors with no exception of providing services to regulatory bodies. We aim to adopt best practices so that the firms remain compliant with the regulatory and statutory requirements.
Thus by containing procedural leakages and minimizing the load on business processes and services, the company can achieve its desired goal within the shortest possible time. We believed that compliance is everyday business and a tea of everyone’s cup, so professional expertise is required to meet stringent regulatory demands.
Therefore, we offer customized, practical and measurable services, which could enable a firm to assess and evaluate its strengths and weakness while suggesting a robust compliance program to achieve the organizational goals.


Anyone can ask for an internal audit by requesting Audit & Management Advisory Services (AMAS).

AMAS executes the audit request upon the availability of audit staff and by analyzing the importance of subject matter through evaluating the relative risk of the topic whether to include in the annual audit plan or not.

The company must carry out an audit process if the request is initiated by a shareholder or group of shareholders holding the company’s number of shares or value of shares equivalent to at least 10 percent or more than that. Shareholders must submit a written audit request in the name of the company’s directors at least one month before the end of the financial year to the company’s registered office.

Audit and Management Advisory Services is an independent internal audit unit with a board-approved charter that gives legislative powers. It can be freely accessible to all financial records, general ledgers, files and data of educational institutes and health system Institutes without any restriction and constraint. AMAS recommends improvements based on their audit insight and ensure implementation of those recommendations based on financial monitoring and surveillance.

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Proven services from SA Consultants
Proven services from SA Consultants
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