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At SA Consultants UAE, we provide reliable tax advisory services to businesses of any size in Dubai, UAE. Selecting a dedicated and experienced tax consultant is the best way to help you comprehend the taxation policies. SA Consultants possess years of experience in providing financial and corporate tax advisory services. No doubt, Dubai is one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Conducting business operations without reliable knowledge of taxes in Dubai can lead to the failure of your organisation.

As one of the top corporate tax consultants, we offer complete support in tax-related obligations. Moreover, our registered tax advisory services ensure that you comply with the regulations of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). We help companies to deal with tax payment and legal complexities involved in it. Our expert tax consultants deliver optimal and scalable services to clients. With SA Consultants UAE, you would be able to comply with the latest tax regulations in Dubai and UAE.

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Why should Firms rely on a Tax Advisor?

Firms operating in the UAE rely on a tax advisor like us to stay relevant. Undoubtedly, there are complexities associated with corporate taxes. At SA Consultants UAE, we ensure that you concentrate on essential business goals by providing you with reliable tax pieces of advice.

By opting for us, you would be aware of the taxation policies prevailing in the UAE. And with the recent introduction of the Federal Corporate Tax, it is more than essential to avail reliable tax consultancy. Here are some ways in which we help your business to stay tax compliant.

  • Comprehensive check on transactions of your business
  • Cross-checking day-to-day compliance of VAT
  • Calculation and cross-checking periodical liability of taxes
  • Our consultancy also helps in accounting input credit on services and goods
  • We are adept in addressing VAT issues associated with specific sector

Types of Taxes in UAE on which we provide Advisory Services

The government of the UAE doesn’t levy any form of income tax on individuals. However, provide advisory services on the below-mentioned taxes in the UAE.

  • We provide expert advisory services on excise tax. Excise tax is levied on specific goods usually harmful to human health and the environment.
  • You can now opt for our advisory services on Value Added Tax (VAT). In the UAE, VAT is applicable to a wide variety of services and goods.
  • Federal Corporate Tax was recently introduced on January 31, 2022. This new tax will be applicable across the UAE for all types of business and commercial activities. The Federal Corporate Tax, also known as CT, will be payable on the accounting net profit in the financial statements of the businesses.

The Federal Corporate Tax is a new tax regime. If you want to stay relevant and competitive in your business domain, understanding CT is necessary. The implications of not complying with CT can have severe repercussions for your business. Contact us today to get reliable advisory and consultancy services on the Federal Corporate Tax.

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How can we help you comply with the All-New Federal Corporate Tax?

Dubai has long been attracting foreign investors because of its status as a tax-free commerce hub. But now, organisations will have to pay the Federal Corporate Tax from June 1, 2023. At SA Consultants UAE, our tax advisors will help you understand this new tax properly. Note that there are severe implications of not complying with this new tax regime. With our corporate tax health check services, you can now comply with this new tax form. This new tax will not be applicable to foreign investors who don’t conduct business in the country.

Moreover, the Federal Corporate Tax will be applicable to the adjusted accounting net profit of an organisation. Even the organisations incorporated in the free zones have to comply with this new tax regime. Here are some other essential things to know about corporate tax rates.

  • Corporate tax rate will be 0% for income up to AE $375,000
  • The corporate tax rate will be 9% for income more than AE $375,000

Introducing the Federal Corporate Tax will have an impact on all organisations. Opt for our corporate tax health check and assess the existing structures and compliances of your organisation. Create your business’s tax structure now! Contact us today to learn more!


The UAE is introducing the new federal CT, which will be applicable for businesses from June 1, 2023. The UAE CT will be appropriate across the UAE. Moreover, businesses and commercial activities of any type have to comply with this tax regime. However, companies involved in the extraction of natural resources don’t have to pay the federal CT.

To be precise, businesses operating in the free zones in the UAE have to register and file a return for CT. However, they will benefit from CT holidays or 0% taxation if they follow all regulatory requirements. Moreover, they shouldn’t conduct business in the mainland UAE to avail of 0% taxation.

Note that the federal CT won’t be applicable on employment income, savings income, and real estate income. Federal CT is also not useful to capital gains and returns derived from investments. Foreign investors not conducting business operations also don’t have to pay the federal CT.

One of the key highlights of the federal CT is that it won’t affect start-ups and new business ventures. In other words, Dubai and UAE will continue to attract entrepreneurs. This is because businesses earning less than AE $375,000 have to pay 0% federal CT.

The introduction of the all-new federal CT will impact businesses significantly. At SA consultants, we will help you understand the new tax regime. Our expert tax advisors will assist your organisation in exploring the available optimisation and mitigation strategies. We will also suggest required changes to the corporate structure of your company.

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