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SA Consultants is an initiative to provide the best services in the educational sector to help the educational institutes to nurture high-quality students. We at Alif Laam believe that it is our duty as a socially responsible citizen to provide the best in learning and knowledge to our clients. Along with the traditional ways, we also believe in the power of technology and learner-centered design to empower great teaching and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.


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So, what are you waiting for, act now, and get in contact with us for our wide range of knowledge imparting services? as Carlos Slim a famous Mexican Entrepreneur said: Our training brings twofold benefits it not just enhances the individual skills it also increases the motivation level so the individual serves you better. We just don’t provide training for the sake of utilizing the training budget. We understand your business requirements, take a deeper look at the employees skill level, and identify gaps. We customize our programs to fill those gaps. Our team is also equipped with the relevant digital technologies in learning to provide training using multiple platforms i.e. classroom training, coupled with e-learning and virtual meetings.

ADVANCE EXCEL Training Course

Course No AE – 1: Advance Excel – Level 1


Upon successful completion of this Advanced Excel Certification course, students will be able to:
~Use Microsoft Excel in business more effectively
-Perform analysis and evaluation to assist in
-enhancing the decision-making process
~ Understand and create pivot tables and pivot charts
-Visualize and manipulate data
-Prepare business and flash reports to senior management


Business analysts and professionals, supervisors and staff from any function that need to improve their understanding and use of Microsoft Excel as an important tool to produce more effective and efficient work.

 Excel Training Course Content:

SESSION 1: Setting Up a workbook
SESSION 2: Working with Data and Excel Tables
SESSION 3: Performing Calculations on Data Revision of Key topics & Question-based revision
SESSION 4: Changing Workbook Appearance
SESSION 5: Focusing on Specific Data by Using Filters
SESSION 6: Reordering and Summarizing Data
SESSION 7: Combining Data from Multiple sources
SESSION 8: Analyzing alternative Data Sets
SESSION 9: Creating Dynamic Lists by using PivotTables
SESSION 10: Creating Charts and Graphics
SESSION 11: Printing
SESSION 12: Automating Repetitive Tasks by Using Macros
SESSION 13: Working with Other Microsoft Office Program
SESSION 14: Collaborating with Colleagues

FCCA-FFA-FIPA Financial Modeling Master Founding Partner – SA Consultants
Regional Director-IFA UK

Saqib Iqbal-is one of our Talented Trainers and the Lead Designer for Finance, Accounting, Risk Management corporate trainings at SA Consultants. He is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) having more than ten years of experience of trainings. He is trained Financial Modeller.

He is a Founding Partner of SA Consultants and Regional Director of IFA-UK. As an auditor and financial consultant to many businesses, he takes pride in guiding people’s passion with the path that leads them to sustainable success. His experience with leading public and private sector companies gave him the unique opportunity to work with the best mentors while learning from new opportunities and challenges on a daily basis.


SA consultants are renowned for offering audit services and ensure the best assistance in managing and auditing your company’s financial accounts to achieve the best future goals. Primary audit services provided by us includes Financial statements analysis, Bank statement Reconciliation, Financial reporting and budgeting, Ratio Analysis and MIS reports, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash flow statement analysis.

In Free Zones, Certain UAE companies necessarily get their accounts audited. However, it is recommended by banks and third party creditors to evaluate the entity’s financial health but not necessary to carry out this audit. We have expert Chartered Accountants that perform Statutory Audit and ensure audited all finance statements are okay and valid from any misleading information.

Time duration of the audit varies from company to company depending on company scope, availability of financial records, and response rate of management with auditors. Usually takes 2-4 weeks to prepare an audit report.

Auditors independently examine financial statements to ensure accuracy of financial data and monitor system to prevent fraudulent activity. We Perform Due-Diligence and review financial records and accounting entries to reassure the healthy functioning of the business transparently to safeguard potential investors and stakeholders’ interest and provide them with the confidence to further invest in the company. Our experts Qualified auditors to check meticulously that the company follows regulatory policies, rules and standards guidelines to carry out their business.

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Proven services from SA Consultants
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